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Learn to play the Bagpipes at Scotland’s famous school

About this Experience

The Great Highland Bagpipe is perhaps the best known of Scotland’s musical instruments and an ambassador for Scotland throughout the world.

The National Piping Centre is located in the city centre of Glasgow, Scotland, incorporating a piping school with world-renowned piping teachers. The Centre also houses the Museum of Piping, which is home to part of the National Museums Scotland's collection of piping artefacts. During your visit you will have time to explore this fascinating museum tracing the history of Scotland’s signature instrument.

If you are a fan of music and longing to own a Scottish bagpipe, this is the place for you. The National Piping Centre is the national centre of excellence for bagpipers, and as such, top-class help is at hand when making purchases. Their shop staff can give you expert advice, they are fully supported by the National Piping Centre tuition team, making this a world-class service for you and your bagpipe.

On arrival, we will be greeted at the door by a Piper in full costume, playing a traditional Scottish melody. Visitors can then enjoy a truly authentic Scottish experience of playing the bagpipes. With our bagpiper host, you can try the practice chanter - the starting instrument for the pipes - yourself! It is guaranteed to be a highlight of your tour and an unforgettable life experience.

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